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Letters to the Editor

16 October 2004 : To the Day, New London CT, The Norwich Bulletin, Norwich CT, : War is the Most Dreaded Enemy of Liberty.

18 February 2004 : To the Day, New London CT: Gays Must be Powerful Folks.
In response to Letter from Mr. Ray Kozaczensky, Uncasville posted February 17 2004, "Be Leery Of Same-sex Marriage's Gay Agenda". Mr. Kozaczensky's letter was in response to a column by Chuck Potter's, Day Staff Writer/Columnist column, "In Marriage, Government Can't Be Biased Against Gays", February 14 2004 and JT's previous letter published the same day. [Letter as published in the Day available here]
[Read: 12 February 2004: To the Day, New London CT: Steve Slosberg: A minister's most unlikely marriage vow, The Day]

09 February 2004: To the Day, New London CT: Marriage is a legal and civil matter - Period.
As published February 14 in the Day: Ban On Same-sex Vows Would Be The Real Sin
[Read: 07 February 2004: To the Day, New London CT: Both Sides In Gay Marriage Debate Prepare For Battle, Ted Mann, Day Staff Writer]

25 April 2002: To the Day, New London CT: Child Sexual Abuse, Catholic Priests & Cardinal Law of Boston.

Letters to State of Connecticut Legislators

16 January 2007: Letter to Senator Edith Prague SupportIng Marriage Equality for Same-Sex Couples.

04 February 2005: Letter to Senator Edith Prague & Representative Melissa Olson: Concerning Stem Cell Research.

07 February 2005: Reply from Representative Melissa Olson

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Letters to Congressional Representatives & Senators

30 July 2006: Letter to Senator Barack Obama re: Request for Support for the The Fuel Economy Reform Act: Let's not dilute our motivation with easy answers.
While I agree that it's more-than-past time to raise the standards, 1 mile per gallon per year is not enough. . . . It's not just about "fuel economy" in this fashion ... and haven't we offered the American public enough "easy answers" that are -- in the log run -- betrayals? [TO THE LETTER]

20 November 2004: Letter to Representative Simmons: Concerning the Comprehensive Peace in Sudan Act (HR5061 and S2781).

22 October 2004: Correspondence between JT & Senator Dodd (D-CT): Concerning the Nomination of Rep. Porter Goss as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

06 August 2004: Correspondence between JT & Representative Simmons: Concerning the conflict between the Sudan government and rebel forces in Darfur region of western Sudan.

23 July 2004: Correspondence between JT & Senator Lieberman (D-CT): Concerning the proposed Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.

23 July 2004: Correspondence between JT & Senator Dodd (D-CT): Concerning the proposed Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.

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Letters to Other Folks

24 May 2006: Letter to Ned Lamont, Primary Challenger to Joseph Lieberman for CT Senate race 2006: Eastern Connecticut is really not part of Rhode Island.
I heard about your candidacy and the upcoming primary and felt a spark of hope. Although I've voted for Lieberman every other time he's been up for election, I do not want to vote for him this time. I have been very very disappointed in his failure of courage, his ill-conceived support of Iraq and the President. However, after reading your web site, I begin to wonder if you know that 2nd Congressional district exists. [TO THE LETTER]

26 January 2005: Letter to George W. Bush, President, US: Appointment of FCC Chief Who Will Serve Public Interest.

26 October 2004: Letter to Colin Powell, Secretary of State, US: Requesting that the US publicly condemn Saudi Arabia's recent announcement that women will be officially banned from voting.

26 October 2004: Letter to Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations: Urging the UN to challenge Saudi Arabia to adhere to the UN charter and the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

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