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Letter to Ned Lamont concerning his primary challenge to
Joseph Lieberman and lack of mention or attention to
Eastern Connecticut (2nd Congressional District)

Eastern Connecticut is really not part of Rhode Island

To: Ned Lamont, primary challenger to Joe Lieberman for Senate in 2006
Date: May 24, 2006

Dear Mr. Lamont:

I vote in the Democratic primaries and I really appreciate having an alternative to Joseph Lieberman to vote for -- but not at the expense of any representation at all of eastern Connecticut.

Thank you. ~ JT

BTW: Your site gives lots of info about what you think Lieberman's not doing, but little concrete information about what you would propose to do differently - or what outcomes you would work for would be helpful -- you're a businessman -- if you were looking for a company to out-source your hiring to -- you wouldn't hire a someone if all they told you was that they were better than the last guy because the last guy was effective.

Thanks again.

Joyce Thomas

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I realize that the 2nd is geographical large and may not offer as many population-dense cities and towns and that you probably have to reserve your resources for the greatest payoff... (and wouldn't expect you to have an office that's really in Eastern CT) but... at least make your site look like you know we're here "east of the river". Frankly, it looks like you are spending more time in NYC than our part of CT.

I heard about your candidacy and the upcoming primary and felt a spark of hope. Although I've voted for Lieberman every other time he's been up for election, I do not want to vote for him this time. I have been very very disappointed in his failure of courage, his ill-conceived support of Iraq and the President.

However, after reading your web site, I begin to wonder if you know that 2nd Congressional district exists. (See Wikipedia on CT 2nd District for list of towns and a nifty map.)

Your site has no email contact for the 2nd district (at least make up an email alias that copies to your "info" mailbox if you have no staff that can be specifically assigned to the 2nd district!) and no phone number within the "860" calling area, let alone a toll-free number. (BTW: Meriden is not part of the 2nd District)