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Letter to Senator Barack Obama
RE: Request for Support for Fuel Economy Reform Act

Let's not dilute our motivation with easy answers

To: Senator Obama
Date: July 30, 2006

Dear Senator Obama,

Let's not dilute the motivation America and her citizens and politicians may be feeling -- with a too-little/too-late panacea.

If there is anyone in this country right now who has the respect and integrity to speak out -- to call for America's citizens to take on the real issues -- do the hard things -- keep fighting for real answers -- I truly believe it is you.

Thank you. ~ JT


Joyce Thomas

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While I agree that it's more-than-past time to raise the standards, 1 mile per gallon per year is not enough. Perhaps we need to let the price of gasoline "have its head" in the free market for a while longer -- so the American public will tell the car companies loud and clear -- through their purchases -- that it is no longer going to buy gas-guzzling models. It's not just about "fuel economy" in this fashion ... and haven't we offered the American public enough "easy answers" that are -- in the log run -- betrayals?

Let's talk about new technology, new expectations -- that tap the real source of America's power and progress over the last 230 years -- the ingenuity, courage and stubborn persistence of her people -- let's call for real support for new answers, new inventions and where it makes sense, reclamation of advances stifled by the auto industry in the past -- and not just by the usual players.