Welcome to Our Home

Welcome to our home.
We left the door open for you.
A safe haven when you roam.
A place to rest and renew.

We're always happy to see you
Bring your appetite when you come.
We will cure a day that's blue,
after a while, you won't be glum.

The coffee is a fresh-brew,
black and dark in a heavy mug.
Or steaming hot chocolate, too,
with sweet cream in the jug.

We baked cranberry bread
for your morning snack,
delicious aroma to fill your head,
still warm on the cooling rack.

We dusted and we mopped,
and then, we did the wash.
We made a list and shopped,
we bought you summer squash.

We've cleared and polished the table
and placed all the chairs around.
(We fixed the good chair with cable
so it's safe for you to sit down.)

There's music playing all day long.
We've indie and blues and swing.
You can just listen, or we'll find a song
that you know and we'll hope you'll sing.

Don't worry about what to wear.
Don't worry about being late.
When you arrive you'll be here,
just down the road, through the gate.

14 February 2005