From Kathy - an unexpected gift

We're both getting older, sister
and in fits and spurts
"growing up".
too bad our mother can't see it -
You've often been
the anchor rope
that's kept me to my sanity
my gratitude and love for you
is greater than the nights
you lie awake guarding yours.
If it was worthwhile,
I'd offer you my life.
You could have it anyway,
if you ever need it.
Kathy "Maggie" Thomas Weseman Corman ~ June 1977

sister (the response)

My eyes see you
destroy yourself
Each chapter shows
your self-disdain.
you offer me a neglected story
and expect me
to write the end?

I am not
the author
I will not accept your book.
It's yours to edit
for publication
No one else can
foresee the plot.

So, sister, when the
story is finished
And your approve of
what you've written
Offer to lend me
your special copy
So I can read each
new chapter, with love.

June 1977