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Joyce, your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace. You have a deeply-rooted desire to make peace in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with loved ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to be able to influence the world in a positive way.

You have a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it, and you inspire others to feel the same way. Your innate drive toward peace guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others. Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are.



Okay -- now grad school? Why not!

The Dragon is considered the most powerful and lucky of the 12 animal signs in Chinese culture and history. The Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power. In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority. Therefore, those people born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected. Dragons are filled with kindness and have a huge hearts. They are loyal to just about anybody. Dragons are very sexy and charismatic. These are the leaders of the Chinese zodiac. Dragon people are the most eccentric in the Chinese Zodiac. Soaring high into the serene heavens, they can be stubborn, passionate, excitable, honest, and brave, wear purple and walk barefoot in public fountains. They listen to their own drummer, thank you very much, while the rest of the world stands in amazement. People always admire their individuality and feisty personality. Dragons are capable of doing great work for mankind and they inspire trust in almost everyone. The Dragon symbolizes life and growth and is said to bring the five blessings: harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity.

Dragons are the free spirits of the Zodiac. Conformation is a Dragon's curse. Rules and regulations are made for other people. Restrictions blow out the creative spark that is ready to flame into life. Dragons must be free and uninhibited. Dragons' generous personalities give them the ability to attract friends, but they can be rather solitary people at heart. A Dragon's self-sufficiency can mean that he or she has no need for close bonds with other people.

The Water Dragon, a less imperious type of Dragon who favors optimum growth and expansion. She can put aside her ego for the good of all and is less selfish and opinionated. An inhibited but progressive person, she tries hard not to be as conspicuous as other power-hungry Dragons. Neither is she going to be labeled as the conciliatory one. She can assume a wait-and-see attitude and her wits are as formidable as her strength of will. The Water Dragon lives by the to-thine-own-self-be-true philosophy and will not seek revenge on those who choose to go the opposite way. Democratic and liberal-minded, she can accept defeat or rejection without bitterness. The Water Dragon is quick and reliable and is capable of marketing her ideas with untiring devotion.

Born with the proverbial Midas Touch, life is magical and filled with treasures. Around every turn, luck just seems to fall in their laps. To paraphrase a popular saying, it's really because the harder they work, the luckier they get. Passionate about their work, their determination and visionary zeal lead them to expect, and receive, both personal and monetary awards. Their big secret is having just the right combination of right-brained creativity and left-brained intelligence, a sense of humor, and being open to the concept of Serendipity.

Water has a calming effect on the Dragon's fearless temperament. Water allows the Dragon to re-direct its enthusiasm, and makes her more perceptive of others. These Dragons are better equipped to take a step back to re-evaluate a situation because they understand the art of patience and do not desire the spotlight like other Dragons. Therefore, they make smart decisions and are able to see eye-to-eye with other people.

Witchy Woman - see how high she flies

Looking for trouble? Who me!

(Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver)

People of this type tend to be: friendly, charming, and outgoing; quick-witted, energetic, and irreverent; ingenious, imaginative, and creative; curious, flexible, and unpredictable; logical and analytical. The most important thing to ENTPs is being creative, seeing possibilities, and always having new challenges.

ENTPs often are multitalented characters interested in nearly everything. Independent, non-conforming and sometimes a little rebellious and confrontational, this type may be an inspiration to others who will follow the ENTP guru into uncharted waters--sometimes shark-infested!

Entrepreneurship may meet this type's needs. The ENTP has the ability to succeed in a variety of careers--and may move from one to another over the course of a lifetime--always seeking new opportunities and retreating from projects which have degenerated to hum-drum routine. Whatever their chosen field of endeavor, from sales to science, art or writing to psychology, ENTPs always play the role of visionary, promoter, marketeer and instigator.

Soft Hearted
If your two hands are free, you will always volunteer them to help out.
You take a compassionate initiative, but possess the respect to hang back
until given the go-ahead to get involved.
How Caring Are You?

Sexy, always ready to give and receive. Very creative, adventurous, ambitious and passionate.
You have a cold exterior but are warm on the inside. Not afraid to take chances.
Will not settle for anything average in life.
The Cakes Quiz

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JT took the test at Blakeney Manor.
Which Scarlet Pimpernel character are you?

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