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Vote - the American Way to Protect Freedom

Voting Rights & Democracy

Common Cause ( is a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen's lobbying organization promoting open, honest and accountable government and acts as a voice of the people against corruption in government and big money special interests.

Demos ( is committed to bringing everyone into the life of American democracy and to achieving a broadly shared prosperity characterized by greater opportunity and less disparity. Demos works on issues of voter registration and participation, campaign finance reform, and reducing economic inequality.

Project Vote Smart ( provides information on the government and a variety of issues like affirmative action, immigration, and campaign finance.

Rock the Vote ( This initiative seeks to protect freedom of speech, educate young people about the issues that affect them, and motivate young people to participate in the democratic process by registering to vote, voting, and speaking out.

The League of Women Voters ( A nonpartisan political organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Women & the Vote

Lisa Rogers for President

Perhaps, the time has Come?
Not to insult Lisa Rogers - but given the choices made by the people who have been voting lately - how could we not do better!! Lisa Rogers is a folk-singer from Texas, and not holding the Texas-thing against her, at least not too much, you, too may find her an appealing Presidential Candidate.

First, Lisa's nickname for George W. Bush, "Dubya" is just great. Say it aloud. . . yeah, fits, right? Now a bit about Lisa's campaign. She's given us a clear look at eho she is and what she thinks about major issues and told us about two of the people she's want in her cabinet: "I'd ask Molly Ivins to be press secretary" and "I'd beg Granny D to be a White House advisor". Lisa Rogers' platform:

free the press
a living wage
wage peace
art heals
more music
screw no one
make love
love nature
laugh often
think global
buy local
go solar
con gusto
kids rock
girls rule

More about "Granny D": Doris "Granny D" Haddock, 93, is the chairwoman of the "Our Town Votes" project. She walked across the US in 2000 to support cleaner campaigns with fewer strings attached to special interests. She has a van now and is still out there working to get us to VOTE!

"Working women have a hard time voting because of all the demands on their time. I know because I worked for many years in a shoe factory. Those of us who now have some time on our hands can make it a little easier for these hard working, common sense women. If they vote, America will elect good people." ~ Doris Haddock

"Regardless of anyone’s personal views, background, or politics, whether you’re a performer, a politician, an activist, a preacher, a teacher, a college student, a factory worker, or a member of the news media, each person’s vote counts the same in this country, as long as that right to vote is exercised!"

"We believe that this partnership with Rock the Vote is the answer."
. . . The Dixie Chicks

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